Blog #6 (EC): The Fermi Paradox

An interesting concept that occupies the minds of many philosophers and scientists alike is the idea of life outside of Earth (and outside of our solar system). Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi posited that there exists a paradox describing the possibility of life outside of our world: there is no physical evidence to prove (or evenContinue reading “Blog #6 (EC): The Fermi Paradox”

Blog #5: Pluto’s Demotion

Several years ago, as I’m sure we all remember, Pluto was demoted from Planet status to Dwarf Planet status. This change was an interesting (and controversial) one because Pluto essentially remains in limbo between the two classifications. Pluto was the smallest planet in the solar system–but it’s now the largest dwarf planet in the solarContinue reading “Blog #5: Pluto’s Demotion”

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